Services Tailored To The Financial Needs Of Attorneys

For over twenty five years, Financial Strategies has worked with attorneys in small boutique firms, sole practitioners and partners in international, national and regional firms as well as corporate general counsel. We have developed strategies that are particularly suited to the needs and objectives of members of the legal profession.

We can help you specifically with

  • Retirement planning
  • Business exit strategy
  • Estate planning
  • Tax issues, especially multi state.


Our in-depth understanding of your needs allows us to pinpoint those strategies that can help you achieve your objectives.

We recognize that individuals are unique, with varying financial goals. However, investors share a common desire; to build a solid financial plan with someone they trust. We have the insight to help attorneys with these issues in light of their professional status. Financial Strategies knows and understands your needs.

As hard as you work for your clients, we work for you. At all times, we maintain the Fiduciary standard we have pledged to follow.

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Advice for Counsel

For over twenty five years, Financial Strategies has worked with attorneys

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Taxes !! Paying too much?

Most Financial Planning firms do not prepare tax returns. We have always believed this is a mistake.

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The 2 Hour Tune-up

Sometimes you may have questions, but no further interest in going through the comprehensive financial planning process.

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Suddenly Single

There are points in life where everything changes.  You suddenly have responsibility for issues you never had to deal with and no idea where to turn

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