What do you want for the rest of your life?

We help you visualize your life going forward; the rest of your career, the Retirement you have always dreamed of, the “Golden Years” that according to many are not so Golden.

One of our favorite conversations is “When is enough”  and what that means to you, your family and your current plan.

Are you concerned about the Economy, the last Recession, the Fed, the Market Today or any other number of thoughts that can immobilize your thinking and cause financial panic.  We follow the various markets and trends so you don’t have to. Not to say you should not stay informed, but really, do you want to spend all day reading tickers and watching screaming heads on the TV?

It’s our job to “Sweat the Details” so you can get on with your life.  See here for a description of the Financial Planning process.   We review all your financial stuff and help you sort it out.  Questions about IRA’s, Social Security, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance, 401(k)’s, Long Term Care, Municipal Bonds, Home and Auto Insurance, Estate plans, College Funding, etc.   Quite a list.  All this and more will be reviewed as needed and we will help you sort out options and find the answers.