How to Spend $1 Million at 90 Seconds or Less by Tim Maurer

A Question of Coverage


According to the latest census, there are now just under 39.5 million persons age 65 and over in the United States, and another 10.7 million age 60-64. Yet according to an insurance data-gathering organization called LIMRA, only about seven million of those have long-term care insurance coverage.


Playing Chicken

Chances are, you noticed that Moody's Investors Service, the credit rating service, has placed the U.S. government's sterling Aaa bond rating on review for a possible downgrade. The reason was clear, but Moody's spelled it out anyway: there is uncertainty whether Congress will raise the U.S. government's debt ceiling by August 2. If it doesn't, the U.S. will join Venezuela (1998), Russia (1998), Ukraine (1998 and 2000), Pakistan (1999), Ecuador (1999 and 2008), Peru (2000), Argentina (2001), Moldavia (2002), Uruguay (2003), the Dominican Republic (2005) and Belize (2006) as a nation that has recently defaulted on its bond obligations. And not only that: if no deal is reached, the government would have to stop paying military active duty pay and veterans' benefits, IRS refunds, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment insurance, defense contracts--or Congressional salaries. 

With all this at stake, why are so many seasoned observers yawning instead of panicking? A recent


Here is a great article on Goal Setting.  A achievable, realistic way to set meaningful goals.    I hope this helps. 


If you want to watch something alarming, look at the U.S. Debt Clock (, which calculates, second-by-second, America's rising debt (approaching $14 trillion), federal spending (nearly $3.5 trillion a year) and budget deficit (roughly $1.3 trillion). Second-by-second the numbers increase, and you can also watch (more slowly) the inexorable rise in the average debt per U.S. citizen--currently more than $44,000, perhaps more by the time you read this and check for yourself.


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