We charge an hourly fee for analysis and one time work. This rate is currently     $300 per hour 

                               Asset Supervision Fees

There is a minimum relationship size of $ 500,000. Families are aggregated for billing purposes.

Current Fee Structure:

For the first                               $ 500,000                         1.0%

For the next                                 500- 1,000,000               0.9%

For amounts between                   1-2,000,000                    0.5%

For all amounts over                     2 million                         0.25%

For these fees we provide ongoing Financial Planning and advice, investment supervision and tax planning and preparation. 


Advice for Counsel

For over twenty five years, Financial Strategies has worked with attorneys

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Taxes !! Paying too much?

Most Financial Planning firms do not prepare tax returns. We have always believed this is a mistake.

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The 2 Hour Tune-up

Sometimes you may have questions, but no further interest in going through the comprehensive financial planning process.

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Suddenly Single

There are points in life where everything changes.  You suddenly have responsibility for issues you never had to deal with and no idea where to turn

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