Our Investment Advisory Services

Financial Strategies' investment advisory services begin with a comprehensive review of your

  • Current situation
  • Future goals
  • Understanding of and tolerance for risk
  • General investment knowledge and comfort level

Then a Investment Portfolio is laid out for your review. We explain each investment recommendation and why it was included in your portfolio.  With your agreement, purchases are made and monitored. Your results are reviewed and discussed quarterly or as warranted.

The fee for this service is a small graduated percentage of your assets that we supervise. Assets can be custodied almost anywhere, but we feel our normal custodian offers an excellent combination of price and service.

We do not take "discretion" in our clients accounts. In simple terms, this means no investments are bought or sold without your specific authorization. You never give up control of your assets. You receive monthly statements from the Custodian and quarterly performance statements from us.  We are always available for your questions as part of your services.


Our Investment Philosophy

We use a "Core and
Satellite " approach to building your portfolio.  The core, or constant portion, is built up from a number of passive, asset class based investments from Dimension Fund Advisors and other fund managers.  The satellite portion is constructed based on our reading of the economy and markets and is opportunistic in nature.

More about Dimensional here: DFA                              


Let's get acquainted!

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

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